Here are 5 Testaments to Sydney’s Modern Infrastructure

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Australia but in the world. It has a population of 4,921,000 and a land area of 12,367.7 km2. This means it is a city of endless excitement and discovery as many travelers around the world have become witness to a lot of good places the city has to offer.

When you visit Sydney, every street is filled with modern facilities. Vending machines in Sydney are all over the place, and flashing billboards dominate the sky along with stunning sky scrapers. For Australians, it is a place they can be proud of. It’s a world-class city. To give you an idea, here are five testaments to Sydney’s Modern Infrastructure:


The water system in Sydney is the product of a long process of development and innovation since the 1700’s. The Botany Swamps Scheme is the evidence of Sydney’s technological development. Now, the water system for the city is a complex-combination of simultaneous improvements of several facilities and infrastructures.

Today, the city has 11 major dams such as:

  • Warragamba
  • Prospect Reservoir
  • Blue Mountains Dams
  • Fitzroy Falls Reservoir
  • Tallowa
  • Wingecarribee
  • Reservoir
  • Nepean Avon
  • Cordeaux
  • Cataract
  • Woronora

The above water infrastructures are built according to modern standards.

Here are 5 Testaments to Sydneys Modern Infrastructure

Energy Source

In Sydney, energy is not a problem. Since it has several big dams that are used by hydroelectric power plants, the city can cater to the ever growing need of the economy no matter how fast the changes and development take place. On the other hand, it is committed to producing energy from different sources, which are environment-friendly.

This is evident as the existence of solar panels in many CBD is in the city. This is due to the city’s effort to minimize pollution and ensure steady supply of electricity to power various industries.


Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport is the primary and main airport in Sydney located 8 km south of the city’s center. It’s the oldest yet the busiest modern airport in Sydney today.

When you get around city, you will see a lot of sprawling roads most important of which is the Sydney Orbital Network. When it comes to railways, the city is also aggressive in keeping up with modern standard. In 2014, the city completed a $1 billion worth of infrastructure known as “Clearways.” The purpose of which is to reduce railway congestion.

Here are 5 Testaments to Sydneys Modern Infrastructure

Health Care

Health care infrastructures such as hospitals and the like are also modernized. Government hospitals are not only standard but are also world class. Some of them are able to accommodate a large number of patients. Others have complete facilities to attend to severe casualties.

Educational Infrastructure

Educational infrastructure in Sydney is a mixture of preservation of the old structures and development of modern facilities. In Sydney, you can find a lot of big colleges and universities such as Western Sydney University, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Australian Catholic University, and more. There are also a lot of public vocational training centers aside from big universities. In Sydney, almost every school has modern facilities.


Sydney is a place worth visiting. You will never regret when you go to this wonderful city. Although it looks as though it is just an ordinary city in the US or Canada, it shows a lot of diverse characteristics that represent the richness of culture and history of Sydney. When you’re there, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the sights of its modern infrastructure.

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Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

Everyone loves a good party, whether you are 3 years old or 75 years old. Human beings are wired to have a good time, regardless of their backgrounds or ages. Whilst planning a specific age themed party isn’t a very difficult task (think Hen’s parties, children’s birthday parties), planning one for a variety of different ages is sometimes a mammoth task. How do you appeal to the masses? What activities will keep everyone entertained and busy? Check out our top tips for putting on a party for the ages.

Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

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Food Brings People Together

Now, if there is one thing we all have in common, it is our universal love for food. Children love ice cream as much as adults to. With this in mind, planning a menu with a wide variety of food is crucial when hosting a mixed aged party. Safe options for all ages are treats such as sausage rolls and ice cream. However, you will want to offer some items that appeal both to younger and more mature tastes as well. Provide child-friendly foods such as chips and chicken nuggets for the young ones, and finger sandwiches or savoury pastries for the adults. Always remember to provide non-alcoholic beverages so that everyone can enjoy some fruit punch, but have a separate section where you can serve bubbly or cocktails to those who are of drinking age.

Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

Say Cheese!

A great idea that always livens up any party for people of all ages is to go photo crazy. You can do this with a simple yet quality photo booth hire. With a variety of styles, lighting and options to choose from, your guests will leave your party absolutely spoiled. What is better than being able to bring home memories of a great party? These are photos you’ll definitely want to showcase on your refrigerator!

Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

Play Dress Up!

Halloween isn’t the only time that both kids and adults are allowed to dress up in crazy costumes. Why not host a dress up party with a specific theme? Most costumes are available for all ages, meaning that you’ll be able to have both mini Superman and big Superman at your party. Adorning yourself in a wacky costume is also a great ice breaker and brings an element of youthful fun to any party, even if half your guests are grandpas and grandmas!

Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

Play Music That Everyone Will Like

Whilst you don’t have to plug the Wiggles in throughout the entire party, you also do not want to play music that is too explicit or hard on the ears at your party. Good options for music that will appeal to the masses are pop hits, upbeat tunes and generally any happy vibed playlist. We haven’t met a youngster or adult who doesn’t enjoy listening to Justin Bieber, as much as the adults may be ashamed to admit to!

Appealing to the Masses | Tips For Putting On a Party For the Ages

Plan Some Interactive Games

Hide and seek will appeal to children, but not the adults. Similarly, an auction is going to send the kids to sleep in no time. When planning games or activities, you want to choose ones that include everyone and appeal to the masses. Planning friendly competitions or dance offs to favourite playlists are always good options. Memorable parties are the ones with fostered activities which get everyone involved. Find a range of things that will appeal to all of your guests. Creating mixed-age teams can help to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy each other in a fun and light hearted setting.

With a little thought, planning and consideration, you’ll be able to host an event or party that people of all ages will be raving about for weeks to come. Appealing to the masses can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but with these tips on hand, we are sure that your next party will be an absolute hit!

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Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

If given the option between a lavish blowout and a cosy, intimate affair, most of us would choose the big party. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like Kim Kardashian every once in a while? You might not have the paparazzi screaming your name, but you can have a personal photo booth, a VIP guest list, and a glamorous red carpet, all on a budget.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Successful party planning is all about creativity and imagination. You don’t really need a lot of money to throw a memorable event, as long as you fill it with unforgettable moments. Your guests won’t care that you don’t have the most expensive champagne or that your decorations are more homemade than Hollywood; they just want to have an amazing time.

This handy guide to party planning on a budget will help you give your guests a taste of glitz and glamour, without breaking the bank.

Rent a Photo Booth

Hiring an event photographer is pretty old fashioned these days. The more modern thing to do is take on the job yourself. Get personal with it, by investing in a mobile photo booth hire. These clever services include delivery and installation at a location of your choice, so guests can start snapping away as soon as they arrive. The photos are instant and they can be uploaded to social media within minutes.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Pick an Unconventional Venue

One great way to save tonnes of cash is by using a non-traditional venue. In Australia, this can mean places like meadows, backyards, barns, rooftop gardens, and parks, because the weather is likely to be pleasant. As it is almost summer, you safely throw an event outdoors and not worry too much about your guests being cold or exposed to the elements. Plus, there’s plenty of space and, without a curfew, you can party for as long as you like.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Get Thrifty with the Décor

Party planners with an eye for vintage finds will love this next tip. It is amazing what you can pick up in thrift stores and at flea markets, so get creative with your décor and go alternative. Many wedding receptions are now arranged around things like jam jar centrepieces, deliberately mismatched trinkets and old fashioned charity shop gems. You’ll save so much cash if you handle the décor independently and you’ll end up with an entirely unique aesthetic.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Keep the Guest List Small

The temptation is to think that, the bigger the party, the better it must be. This isn’t really the case. Even celebrities tend to keep their luxurious events fairly small, because if everybody can attend, it can’t be that special, right? So, don’t worry about not having the money to invite every second cousin and the guy who works at the coffee shop; keep it small and intimate. You’ll be able to budget more efficiently and actually spend time socialising with guests.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Opt for DIY Snacks

The more formal and lavish your food (if you’re serving snacks), the stuffier the party will feel. You want to keep everybody relaxed and having a good time, so don’t be afraid to pick simple basic catering options. DIY catering is very popular right now. You serve classic choices and familiar favourites (like burgers) and set up stations where guests can ‘customise’ their meals with toppings, sauces, and sides.

Plastic Diamonds: 5 Budget Party Tips to Help You Greet Your Guests with Grandeur

Why a Small Budget Doesn’t Have to Mean a Forgettable Event

The best parties don’t become the best by having the biggest budgets. They are memorable because they create experiences. Things like photo booths are a great example, as they get guests invested in the event. They add a fun, quirky twist to proceedings and ensure that everybody goes home with a unique memento of the occasion. With just a little imagination, you can turn ‘budget’ into ‘beautiful’ and throw a party to remember.

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Princess Diana’s Wardrobe Is Getting Its Own Exhibition at Kensington Palace

Two decades after Princess Diana’s tragic passing, fashion’s long-standing love affair with the royal endures. In 2017, Kensington Palace will showcase a number of Diana’s most iconic dresses as part of an exhibit that commemorates the 20th anniversary of her death in 1997. Opening in February …

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7 Car Problems Your Used Car Dealer May Hide from You

Used car dealers have reputation for being less than honest with their customers. While this is not the case for every car dealer, it does mean that you should be cautious no matter who you are purchasing a vehicle from. Below is a look at the top seven car problems your used car dealer may hide from you when you are looking for a vehicle.

Engine Problems

Engine problems are the most problematic and costly issues that you could face when purchasing a used car. This is the reason so many used car dealers will try to hide these problems. It is best to have the car’s engine inspected by professional mobile mechanics in Sydney. These mechanics will detect any type of problems with the car’s engine.

Car’s History

Used car dealers are legally not supposed to lie to you about the condition or history of the car. However, this doesn’t mean they have to go out of their way to find out the details of the car’s actual history. Many dealers will make comments to imply that they have an in-depth knowledge of the car you are considering purchasing. It is always best to run your own car history report and check for yourself.

7 Car Problems Your Used Car Dealer May Hide from You

Car’s True Value

It is no secret that many used car dealers significantly raise the prices of the vehicles they are selling. The questions is by how much. You should never start to negotiate a price with a used car dealer until you have checked the car’s true value. If you are planning to trade in your current vehicle when purchasing your used car, you should also check the true value of your current car.

Title Problems

One of the worst things that can happen is to purchase a used vehicle and find out later that there is a problem with the car’s title. It is recommended to always check to make sure the car has a clean title prior to making a purchase. You can usually find this information out when running a car history report.

7 Car Problems Your Used Car Dealer May Hide from You

Obvious Defects

If the used car you are interested in has any obvious defects, such as a cracked headlight, rusting exhaust pipe, or balding tyres, the used car dealer may try their best to hide these from you. They may park the car in a way that makes the defect harder to see or consistently stand in front of the area where the defect is. Always perform a complete 360-degree inspection of the car’s exterior to inspect for obvious damage or problems.

Interior Damage

Interior damage is another car problem that many dealers try to hide. You may notice that the car dealer sits in the car quickly when taking it for a test drive or that he tries to steer your attention away from a certain area inside the car. Just as you did with the exterior, be sure to perform a thorough inspection of the car’s interior to check for damages.

High Mileage

Many car buyers equate high mileage with poor performance. For this reasons, many car dealers will try to hide this information from you by omitting the exact mileage from the car’s fact sheet. Never take the car dealer’s word for you. Check the mileage out yourself.

You should always take someone with you when looking at used cars and have an independent inspection done before making any final deals with a used car dealer. This may take a little more time but it will be well worth it and help you avoid the headaches that can be associated with used cars.

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