We Updated Our Sony A9 Review After Testing Firmware Update 5.0

Taking a page out of Fujifilm’s books, Sony released a major firmware update for their flagship A9 last week that brings the camera’s firmware to version 5.0. This new firmware update leverages the company’s latest developments into Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and object recognition and adds Real-Time Tracking (first seen in the Sony A6400) along with automatic Eye Autofocus to improve upon the already unparalleled performance of the Sony A9. Even before this update was introduced, the Sony A9 was already one of the most capable cameras on the market, but Firmware 5.0 takes everything great about the camera and makes the process of photography even more seamless and second nature. Aim at your subject, release the shutter, and the A9 takes care of the rest. Some may argue that this is “cheating,” but if you’re a professional sports or wildlife photographer, the Sony A9 is simply the most powerful camera you can have in your arsenal at the moment.
We Updated Our Sony A9 Review After Testing Firmware Update 5.0 posted first on http://thephoblographer.com

via Blogger http://chucky485.blogspot.com/2019/04/we-updated-our-sony-a9-review-after.html

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