15 Clever DIY Ideas And Hacks For Your Smartphone

There are literally tons of different accessories and gadgets for your smartphones that you can buy in any store or online. Most of them are really cheap but they are also unoriginal or bad quality. Sometimes, the best accessories, the ones you actually need can’t be bought from a store, or at least not for a reasonable price. If you need something cool but you can’t find it in a store, you will find it in this collection. We’ve found a bunch of genius DIY ideas that are going to change the way you use your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone, a Samsung or a Sony, you will certainly find something useful in this collection, so check out what we’ve got for you!

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 15 Clever DIY Ideas And Hacks For Your Smartphone. Take a look at the crafts that we have found for you, you won’t regret it. There are some awesome ideas that you can make out of these projects and the best part is that they come together with complete, step by step tutorials that will instruct you along the way. Enjoy!

1. Iphone Dock From Old Books

2. Family Charging Station

3. DIY Smartphone Stand With Binders

4. DIY Movie Projector For Your Smartphone

5. DIY Portable Phone Charger

6. Easy DIY No Sew Phone Charging Pouch

7. DIY Phone Stand From Recyled Toilet Paper Rolls

8. DIY Armband Phone Carrier

9. DIY Coil IPhone Cable

10. Paper Cup Iphone Speakers

11. DIY Earphone Holder

12. Easy DIY Phone Charger Holder

13. DIY Cell Phone Pocket

14. Easy DIY IPhone Bumper Case

15. Take Incredible Photos With Your Phone

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